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Bachelor and bachelorette party in Tuscany

Are you thinking about celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette party in Tuscany?



Bachelor bachelorette party Tuscany
This week we’ve been asked by one of our American couples what half-day activity we could have proposed to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette party altogether in Tuscany before their wedding day. We’re now pleased to share with you many funny, exciting ideas that came up to our minds.
For sure you’ve already experienced few of them in your country or while travelling but we decided to include them anyway. However, as you can imagine, we highly recommend for your bachelor – bachelorette party in Tuscany to go for something local, so that your friends can have a really unique, Tuscan experience that will be saved in their memories for a long time.


  1. Cooking class: what’s more Italian than learning how to prepare and cook homemade pasta or pizza? So delicious!
  2. Visits to wineries and wine tasting in the Chianti area: wine is always a good way to party. Tuscany offers a huge selection of excellent wines to be drunk with your closest friends.
  3. Vespa or vintage car tours: exploring Florence or the Chianti region with a vespa or Fiat 500 or cabriolet, reminding La Dolce Vita. How beautiful!
  4. Adventure Park (tree experience): have you ever thought of climbing trees and walking in the wood on suspended nets?
  5. Safari tour in a farmhouse: visit a Tuscan farmhouse, see animals and know more on breeding
  6. Trekking in the hills with picnic: Tuscany offers so many routes to trek or hike in enchanting landscapes
  7. Canyoning or rafting in the mountains: stunning canyons surrounded by rocks and woods close to Lucca where you can spend adrenaline moments with your team
  8. Boating holiday: plan one-week holiday with your team groom and bride sailing the Tuscan coast and wonderful islands on a gullet, yacht or catamaran
  9. Canyon sup and zip-line in the mountains: yes, it seems incredible but you can do SUP in a canyon and walk on suspended nets!
  10.  Horse riding: if you are animal lovers, a horse ride in the hills would be a good option
  11.  Paintball: team groom VS team bride. Who will win?
  12.  Meet the Alpacas: what a sweet experience to meet and have a walk with these cute animals!
  13.  Race go-kart: go-karts are fun no matter what age you are
  14.  Laser game: another team play, may the best win
  15.  Wakeboard or sail lesson in a lake: you can combine this activity with some relax, swim and sunbathing
  16. Hot air ballooning: book a hot air balloon for your team and admire the Tuscan landscape and cities from above
  17.  Kite surf lesson in the Tuscan coast: if you like the sea and adrenaline, this can be a good match
  18.  Relax in natural hot springs: here you can find so many hot springs. Some are public in rivers while others are located in real Spa
  19.  Paragliding or sky-diving: other experiences full of adrenaline to be shared with your friends
  20.  Camping: become one with nature with your crew for 1 or more days
  21.  Golf: we know lots of foreign couples love to play golf. And in our region, there are some beautiful golf courses where you can enjoy hours of bonding while spending time outside with your crew
  22.  Shopping tour: this is more dedicated to the bridal team, who can spend some time in different outlets or shops
  23.  Aperitivo and disco night: go for an aperitivo (the Italian happy hour), have some cocktails and then heading with a limousine in a club or disco to dance all night long
  24.  Go fishing in a lake: team groom would love this activity
  25.  Spa day: days before the wedding can be exciting but stressful. Having some relax and rejuvenate in a Spa with your bridesmaids can be very appreciated
  26.  Harvest: if you’re getting married in September, would you enjoy joining farmers for the harvest and spend one day with your dear friends in the vineyards? Or what about picking olives in late October/early November?
  27.  Treasure hunting: spend some hours with your team searching for a hidden treasure in a beautiful city or in the countryside
  28.  Rock climb: whether on inside boulders or out in nature, there are plenty of mountains to be climbed by you and your guys and girls.
  29.  Yoga retreat: to-be-weds who love yoga can zen out and practice with best friends in the relaxing Tuscan hills
  30.  Tea-party or brunch: if you prefer to go classic, Florence and surroundings can offer distinctive cafés and places to make this moment more special

If you’ve read so far, we want to specify that many of these outdoor activities are seasonal and can only take place from April to October.

Get in touch with us if you’d be interested in many of them (or if you have any other idea). It will be our pleasure to chat and give you more info to organize your memorable bachelor and/or bachelorette party in Tuscany.

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