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Wedding venues in Italy

June 19, 2022

With this post, we want to guide you through the most common wedding venues you can find in Italy. Our country offers a big variety of types of venues. Here we’ll explain you the main features and differences among them. Please consider that venues that are in the same category can have very different styles: […]


Indian wedding rituals

May 11, 2022

As Fairytale Italy Weddings continues to take on more Indian weddings, we figured we, at Plan Events, could share what we have learned so far from our planning experiences!  


Ideas for a Tuscan-inspired wedding

May 4, 2022

Are you excited to learn some unique ideas for a Tuscan-inspired wedding? Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding in Tuscany or would like to recreate the romantic Tuscan atmosphere for your wedding reception and ceremony at home, read further!  


Civil weddings in Italy

April 11, 2022

Celebrating civil weddings in Italy is absolutely doable for most of the foreign couples. There are beautiful City Halls in the main cities and small villages where you say “Yes, I do”, but also some private venues where you can plan a legally binding marriage.  


Jewish wedding in Italy

March 22, 2022

Planning a Jewish wedding in Italy is absolutely feasible and we’ll be happy to assist you with it.  


Wedding menu in Italy

March 7, 2022

What’s the typical wedding menu when hosting a wedding in Italy?   There’s no doubt that Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. That’s probably one of the reasons why you chose Italy for your destination wedding. We created a guide with some tips and suggestions to help you plan […]