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11 April 2022

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Civil weddings in Italy

Civil weddings in Italy

Celebrating civil weddings in Italy is absolutely doable for most of the foreign couples. There are beautiful City Halls in the main cities and small villages where you say “Yes, I do”, but also some private venues where you can plan a legally binding marriage.


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According to your nationality, different documents are required. They usually have a validity of 6 months. We suggest in any case to carefully check the paperwork with your wedding planner or Town Hall. We also remind that you have to go to the Municipality few days before the official marriage to check all the documents and for some signatures. For some nationalities, like US citizens, couples will have to go to the American Consulate or Embassy in Italy and to the Prefecture before heading to the Town Hall. That’s why you’ll need to be in Italy at least 2-3 days before the wedding day.


Civil weddings in Italy are typically performed in Italian by a Mayor or civil registrar. An official interpreter is needed to translate to your language. These ceremonies are legally recognized in your country and they include some articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows.


Civil ceremonies in Italy last about 20 minutes and 2 witnesses are required. By law, civil weddings in Italy can take place in buildings approved by the Italian government, that’s to say Town Halls or certain private locations that have the permission to perform them. Sometimes, ceremonies can be customized with readings, personal vows and music.

The cost of civil weddings in Italy depends on the Municipality where you’ll get married. Very often in the main cities it’s more expensive than in small villages. The average cost could be between 400 and 2500 euros, excluding the interpreter, paperwork and translations you’ll need to prepare in your country.


However, planning civil weddings in Italy is not so complicated and we’ll be happy to assist you with them.

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