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How to plan a wedding in italy? Steps & Tips

In this post we’ll show you what are the steps to understand how to plan a wedding in italy.


How to plan a wedding in italy


If you’ve just got engaged and don’t know where to start, here are many tips we’d like to give you. Of course, every wedding is different so not all these steps might fit to your event and you don’t have to necessarily follow this order.

Imagine your wedding day

How you want your wedding to look like? Would you like a big or intimate event? Traditional or modern design? Elegant or country style? Where would you like to take place?

If there’s anything you like, a unique setting you’d love, a particular wedding venue you have in mind, specific decoration you want… Share all your thoughts with your partner, brainstorm, prepare inspiration images and ideas.

How to plan a wedding in italy: Set your wedding budget

At a certain point you need to get realistic and decide how much you want to spend in your event. Look at your savings, start saving more money now and try to get to know if your parents or close relatives will contribute in your wedding day.

Select your wedding date

To start organizing your wedding, before booking any supplier, it will be important to have a date or at least a period if you’re flexible with it.

Build a guest list

Write down all the names of guests you’d like to invite, keeping in mind the size of your wedding.

Choose the type of ceremony

Would you like to get legally married in Italy or have a religious ceremony there? Or will you just have a symbolic ceremony?

Select the Italian area where to celebrate your wedding

Would you like your wedding to be on the Lakes, in Tuscany, in the Amalfi Coast? Or rather in a city like Florence, Venice or Rome? On a beach in Apulia, Sardinia or Sicily? Or in Umbria or Portofino?
Just think about the landscape and the location you’d like to be, where you’d like to take wedding pictures.

Hire a wedding planner
Planning a wedding is not easy and can be stressful. If you realize you can’t do it alone, it’s time to hire an expert, local wedding planner.

Choose your wedding venue

After having a meeting with you and getting to know your preferences and tastes, your wedding planner will send you a list of venues that can suits your desires.

Pick up your wedding party

Decide who among your friends and relatives will be the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Send out save-the-date cards

This step is not mandatory but you can send them 6/ 10 months before the wedding.

How to plan a wedding in italyResearch wedding vendors

Now it’s time to book all the suppliers that will be involved in your special day: photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, musicians, make-up artist, hair-stylist… Your wedding planner will guide and send you proposals of their trusted vendors from where you can pick up your favourite ones.

Choose the food and beverage for the reception

Try to think about the number and type of courses you’d like to have while seated, if you wish to add a buffet before the dinner, what drinks you want to have during the meal and for the party.


Create a wedding website

Now that weddings have gone digital, you can keep your guests up to date by creating a wedding website with all the details. This wedding step is not necessary, you can decide not to have a wedding website.

Choose your wedding dress

Figure out what you’d love to wear, get inspired by pictures you can find online and on social medias.

Find room accommodation for your guests

Your guests will probably spend some days in the area where you’ll get married. Together you’re your wedding planner, you can help them to book a comfortable accommodation.


How to plan a wedding in italyCreate and send our wedding invitations

Usually you can send them 3 months before your wedding date and include a RSVP.

Choose your rings and wedding favors

Arrange wedding transfers

If needed, you can arrange transportation to and from the venue where you’ll get married.




Organize activities for your guests’ stay

Why not organizing a wine tasting, truffle hunting or cooking class for your guests while in Italy? Or perhaps a visit to the main cities, villages, museums and cathedral? Would they rather prefer a fun tour on a vespa or vintage car?

Plan before and after events

Usually it’s not just the wedding day itself, but you could decide also to plan a bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, morning brunch, pizza party, BBQ and more with your dear ones.

Choose escort cards and table plan

Write your vows

Check last details

Check with your wedding planner if there’s anything left to do, if all is in order

Manage last-minute issues

Take a breath. Anything could happen but your wedding planner will be there to relieve you from the stress and manage any inconvenience.

Start the celebrations and enjoy your big day!

If you’ve read how to plan a wedding in italy so far and want to discuss more in detail, do not hestitate to send us en enquiry!


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